188mm (Standard) BMW Differential 4-Clutch Upgrade Performance Kit

188mm (Standard) BMW Differential 4-Clutch Upgrade Performance Kit

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Do your needs require an intense amount of durability and lockup from your differential? There's no replacement for a four clutch limited slip differential! This is the setup we use in our personal cars. If overkill is in your blood, you NEED this. With gobs lockup and at least three times the clutch durability of a stock unit, you will be able to extract more rear wheel traction than ever before.

The best part? Stock drivability is maintained by properly tolerancing the components to avoid excessive preload!

With this purchase, you'll receive four 188mm clutch discs, four 188mm 4-lug dog ear plates and eight 12.9 grade carrier bolts. Everything that you need to build the baddest differential on the block!

This kit requires machining of the carrier cover. We now offer in house machining services at a reasonable price.

Our clutches are coated with a molybdenum traction surface and are specifically designed for the high temperature abuse situations that occur within the BMW differential. The clutches will retain the smooth limited slip engagement feel of the stock differential while providing long term durability. Our dog ear plates are precisely machined and hardened to ensure long term use.

Installation instructions available here.